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With our fully integrated solution using ABC Fitness Solutions, we are now able to unlock the full potential of your camp and childcare programming.

Our Stay & Play child care is very popular at all of our centers, small and large, and we had been looking for a software solution to take us out of the pen, paper and sticker organization we were using. Alaris offered us an exciting solution. Not only a software program that would allow us to track our children served, but also a quick and easy app our parents could use on a tablet to check in. Our parents love the app and our staff have a quick and easy way to see the number of children in the center, as a whole or by age groups. We serve between 800 and 2,000 kids daily, and Alaris helps us with reporting, staffing and organization.

We have been utilizing Alaris in our branches for over a year now and couldn't be happier with this service for a variety of reasons. The use of Alaris has allowed an enhanced member experience due to its ease of use and efficiency. Families are able to check in and out without hassle or delay. From start to finish, using Alaris benefits both the staff and the member experience positively. In addition to the ease of use, the level of support and custom design that the entire Alaris team provides is top notch. They are extremely responsive, courteous and eager to help however they can to meet our ever changing needs. We highly recommend Alaris to any organization that is looking to offer a high quality, easy to use experience for their staff and members. -


Why do our customers love Alaris?

Director of Business Systems

YMCA of Greater Houston

Associate Executive Director

YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap Counties

Streamlining the member check-in experiences at over 300+ Health Clubs.


Full Datatrak Integration

Members can log in with the barcode associated using their Datatrak account. Through authentication, they can utilize the information that already exists in Datatrak. If they are not a member you have an option to allow them to sign up using an email and password to make a purchase selection. If a member has multiple children on the account, they can add it easily without going through the purchasing process again. The integration with Datatrak allows the member to pay in two different ways (card on file or pay as a recurring service). Once registered the information is available in our check-in system.

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